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Welcome to the website of the 2. Kompagine, 5. Sturm-Bataillon “Rohr”! Abbrieviated as 2./5. St.Btl. or just "5. Sturm", our unit is a close-knit and hard working group of guys We require all members to look their best, act the part, work hard and have fun. We want people who are going to give to the unit not just take. Within the Great War Association (GWA), our unit is the second senior unit on the Central Powers side and we pride ourselves on our appearance and actions. We expect all members to carry this on this tradition. We do not take just anyone, you will be on probation for one year or two events, at which time the unit votes on you.

What We Do

5. Sturm is a vehicle through which committed persons can actively explore the experience of the German Assault Troops (Stosstruppen) in World War I. Together as an assault company, we strive to attain the experience of the western front and in doing so, gain greater insight into ourselves and the history of the great war.

In choosing the designation 5. Sturm-Bataillon “Rohr” to recreate, we must adopt and personify the typical storm trooper of that time. In assembling his personal equipment each member should take care that his uniform and equipment are compatible with the rest of the unit. Each component must be consistent in construction, pattern and overall characteristics with its original issue counterpart. It is of the utmost importance that our group appearance credibly portrays the organized body we choose to recreate.

A New Beginning

Our reenacted unit was founded as the second German unit in the GWA in 1979 as a way to showcase these unique and interesting troops. Over the years, we have put much work and study into an accurate impression and all that entails.

A Bit About the 5. Sturm

Each member should be aware of our unit history (see the Unit History page). The unit was named “Sturm-Bataillon Rohr” after its commander Hauptmann Willy Rohr who was the man mainly responsible for the original idea of these highly successful formations. He personally designed much of the technical equipment they used in action.

The first action in which the yet untried Sturmtroopen were used was at the battle of Verdun. “Sturm Bataillon “Rohr” was originally comprised of three man teams. The technique involved attacking the trench in flank, the first of the trio armed with a shield made from a machine gun shield mounting and a sharpened entrenching tool, followed by the second man carrying haversacks of short-fused grenades, and the third would follow up armed with a knife or bayonet. The Stosstruppe proved so successful that the idea was further developed into a system that was formed and attached to Divisions on a permanent basis.

Make up

An Assault Kompagnie (plural of Kompagnie), consisted of an officer and 120 other ranks and formed into three Züge (plural of Zug) (platoons), one of which was attached to each Regiment of the division. By 1918, expanded units known as Sturmbataillonen comprising of four assault companies, an infantry gun (3.7cm), Minenwerfer (trench mortar) and a Flammenwerfer (flame thrower) detachment, a Maschinengewehr Kompagnie (machine gun company) and a h.q. company. When not in action the men served as instructors. Our unit was attached to the Fifth Army.

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