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Königlichen Bayerischen Leib-Regiment

The Leib Regiment is one of the Old Line units in the Great War Association (GWA) — our parent oprganization. Our group is composed of guys of different age ranges and most of us have been "around the block" reenacting other time periods of Military history. The Lieb's main impression is a Stosstrupp (assault group) of 1917.

We are always interested improving our impressions as a "Infantrist" of the Bavarian Army and we strive to help new recruits with perfecting their impressions. When in the trenches we like to be authentic as possible and in the bunker afterwards, we like too unwind and enjoy being comrades-in-arms. Our main goal though, is to have fun and our tool for this is our impression.

The Leib Rgt. provides some services for the GWA and there are always positions in the unit for a new Rekrut. The Leib has different sections for duty:

  • Feldgendarmarie (military police)
  • Minenwerfer (mortar crew)
  • Feldküchen (field kitchen)
  • Nachrichten Gruppe (communications section)
  • Stosstruppen (assault group).

So, as you can see, we have something for everybody!

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